A compact organization which executes its Constitutional mandate effectively and efficiently.

Our Mission

To offer credible,impartial and timely advice to the President of the Republic, Ministers of State, Parliament and other Public Agencies to ensure responsible and accountable Governance.

Functions of The Council

  • Counsel H.E. The President and various arms of government on all matters of national interest
  • Consider nominations for appointments by H.E. The President to Governing Boards and other state institutions.
  • May consider and inputs into Bills before parliament
  • Regular engagement with key public officials on policy management and operational matters
  • Promote linkages, coordination and synergy among sector Ministries, Departments and Agencies(MDA) through advice to political and other Heads of Public Sector institutions.
  • Examine and monitor implementation of policies and programmes of government and alert relevant officials on weaknesses, threats and opportunities for appropriate action
  • Mediation and conflict resolution to ensure national peace and harmony in government.